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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  December 5, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is "today in new york." right now on "today in new york," a scare in southern california, a package addressed to the suspected shooters in san bernardino shuts down a facility.
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at like rykers island. good morning and welcome to "today in new york." it is saturday the 5th of december. >> when you head out the door today, you may debate whether or not to bring a jacket, because again these warm temperatures continuing. >> dave price is in today. what are we looking at? >> we're looking at warm temperatures, especially when you consider the time of the year, as you both mentioned. and the fact that you're going to have to bring sunglasses. it is going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. we'll wrap it up and put it in a boat for you. the weekend is going to be terrific. we should be ten degrees above the norm by the time we get to monday. rain next week is a possibility, but let's think about that a little later. 52 degrees today. sunny and pleasant.
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a starlit sky. lower 30s near that 30 degree mark. so chilly but as far as today and tomorrow go, absolutely beautiful and lots of golden sunshine in the sky. now the latest on the mass shooting in san bernardino. the bomb squad called out to a southern california ups facility overnight after a suspicious package addressed to the suspected shooters was discovered by a ups driver. the package was already on a truck headed to the couples' home when the driver recognized the address and returned to the facility. the bomb squad found no threat. it turned out to be clothing from a reputable vender. >> this morning a look at the woman behind the shooting her name is taf
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news 4 has more from riverside, california. >> grieve for all the victims. >> reporter: on the campus of uc riverside a candle light video for two of their alumni lost in the karn carnage in san bernardino. victims of now what is determined to be an act of terror. this is our first look attach at tashfeen malik. the fbi made the decision to call this an act of terror because of evidence they recovered. >> the investigation so far has indications of radicalization by the killers. >> reporter: nbc learned malik pledged allegiance to isis on a facebook page that went up just
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>> i have absolutely no idea that they were involved in anything like that or they were even capable of doing something like this. >> reporter: a glimpse into their private lives, but few signs of trouble to outsiders. this is where 12 pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found. there's now just a crib, monitor and prayer beads. their neighbor is shocked. >> they could have been making a pipe bomb and blowing us all up and we didn't even know it. >> reporter: sadly the vick tim victims' families are going to have to wait a bit longer. it's going to be early next week before they begin releasing the bodies back to those families. and this morning we're learning more about the 14 lives lost in the san bernardino shooting rampage.
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victims were parents. robert adams just planned his daughter's first trip to disneyland. michael wetzel was a father of six. both fathers of two. mother of three. fled iran to escape extremism. >> she came in to have a better life, better education and everything else. unfortunately it was taken away from her as an early age. >> also killed two young women in their 20s. moved to california from cape may, new jersey 13 years ago. the youngest victim -- the oldest celebrated his 60th birthday this year. in the aftermath of the
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in paris, there are growing concerns about misdirected retaliation against muslims here and across the country. >> islamophobia has not gone away. >> reporter: a message of support from the mayor of new york city. >> we are here to say that with every tool we have as a city and with all of the capacity of the greatest police department on earth, we will protect this community. >> reporter: as a social worker she's concerned about how fellow muslims are being treated. >> i feel more concern for the younger people, for the women who dress more traditionally. >> reporter: we know both killers behind the plot are of muslim faith. the feds are now investigating
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the family of the killers cautioning folks not to rush to judgment. >> every muslim community around the world has been in a state of remorse and condemnation of these acts. no one supports it, just as i think no christian or catholic would say, oh, yeah, that's a good catholic that shot up that planned parenthood. >> reporter: they're not just condemning the attacks but asking their faith not be linked to terrorism. >> i don't think we should have to apologize for everything that someone else does in the name of islam. in my eyes, they're not even muslim. >> reporter: the mayor didn't announce any plans to increase security here in this area, but did tell folks to be on alert and if a hate crime takes place, report it as soon as possible. and our coverage of the california shooting continues online.
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nbc new and on the nbc 4 new york app. there's new information this rning. a correction officer at rykers island -- rikers island was beaten savagely. this attack is just another reminder of how dangerous the jail is for people who work there. last month another guard was brutally slashed several times across his face and head. in long island police discovered an arsenal of weapons inside one gated community. >> i definitely don't feel safe. >> shocking. >> police say they had a bizarre encounter with 49-year-old mark vickers. they pulled him over acting on a tip. that's when he turned on an
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and flashed a fake air marshal badge. the search of his home recovered more guns and ammo. >> one smith and wesson handgun, one glock 19, one glock 26 nine millimeter handgun. and approximately 8300 rounds of asserted ammunition. >> he's being held on $300,000 bail this morning. we are getting a closer look at a man suspected of torching dozens of religious flags outside a home in queens. this is in the woodhaven section. now a closer look at the man police hope to track down. >> reporter: police say they are investigating e ing ing if this was a hate crime or a disturbed person who
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someone's front yard. you can imagine the people in this community are concerned about what happened. last night police released new video, a second video showing the person of interest, they say, walking in the area where happened around 89th avenue. it was around the same time the flags were burned thanksgiving morning. earlier this week police released video of someone actually committing the crime scene on surveillance video lighting the fire in front of the home. in all 40 hindu flags were destroyed. community leaders and neighbors held a rally to show solidarity with the victims and denounce the acts being investigated as a possible heat crime. >> they were all chanting we are
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>> we are a great country here. this country is the greatest country. so everybody have his way. so i have nothing to do with your religion. i have to respect any >> reporter: this morning there is a note on that front door asking anyone to lock the gate who leaves. still to come on this saturday morning, a hot gift for the holidays that could help fight cancer. how the apple watch is being used to treat patients at a new jersey hospital. if you're already ordering online for your holiday gifts, we'll have some tips to make sure your packages don't get picked off by thieves. >> we've got some clouds to the northwest, some clouds to the southeast. and right where we are, plenty of sunshine. we'll tell you about the full forecast coming up in just a
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today's weather is brought to you by mcdonald's. the apple watch may be a popular gift this holiday season. but could it also be a gift of life? >> one new jersey hospital is using this gadget to help patients in their fight against breast cancer. >> it's been a rough road. >> reporter: maureen's journey hasn't been easy since she was diagnosed the breast cancer in july. but the 47-year-old is now excited about wearing special technology, a unique app on a free customized apple watch to potentially make treatment easier for others. >> it's an honor to be called to take part in this. >> reporter: this group of breast cancer patients got
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their role in a new study. >> they could actually start learning from their own behavior. >> reporter: each day the polaris app asks them questions about their well-being, how they slept and their level of pain of all of that information is transmitted daily to their care team. >> we're very much hoping thir we'll be able to improve the quality of life for our patients as they go into treatment. >> reporter: it basically created a virtual support group. >> there are studies that people do better when they have social support. >> reporter: the project will last nine months, involve 30 patients and could eventually
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>> i'm hoping that it will help other people that are going through the same thing as i am. >> great. that's great. speaking of support, thank you for this wonderful weekend. >> listen, we'll take it while we can get it, huh? >> yeah. >> it throws you to walk outside and see and feel weather like this. the sunshine today is going to be glorious, temps above average again. it is going to be simply spectacular out there. i can't wait for sunrise. let's take a look and see what's happening as we begin our day together. the river looking calm, the traffic looking light. we have 41 degrees. 6:16 is the hour right now. let's go to the headlines and get things going this morning, shall we? doesn't get much better. now, here's the situation. we really do need the rain, but since we don't have it right
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glorious weather and enjoy it while we have it, a combination of above normal temperatures and plenty of sunshine. we are going to get precipitation most likely as we head through next week. little bit of an if as to how much and when. right now as we talked about the temperature in new york at about 41 degrees, go up to poughkeepsie, much colder this morning, 29. as we head through the day we will see what we see right now, and that is not a sign of precip. the live radar sweep shows nothing. mild air in place right now, stays with us. little bit of a coastal storm begins to move in our direction. could we see rain? it's a possibility. temperatures, though, stay mild. as we look ahead, we are going to see a pattern shift this week. that pattern shift is going to
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but most likely the heaviest precip or re precip at all will stay to the south and east. 52 should be today's high. lots of sunshine, pleasant conditions. near 30 in the suburbs and here's your five-day forecast. i should say seven-day. check that out. as we head into sunday, the first night of hanukkah and monday the first full day, 50 degrees, 50 on tuesday with the possibility of rain. showers likely as we head to thursday and maybe friday too. stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. select the weather tab, see the latest forecast, interactive radar and how you can submit your own weather video. the news 4 app available in the app store right now. i feel a lot better than i sound. online shoppers spent a record breaking $3 billion on
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packages are making their wayto the front porch. or are they? >> thanks to the so-called porch pirates you may not be the only person waiting for your package to be delivered. >> reporter: thieves all across the country snatches boxes right off the front porch. hundreds of people have had their packages stolen before they even get got the chance to open them. the most common targets, people who live in suburban households. we spent the day with ups driver scott who's been doing this for 29 years. with something this big, if the homeowner doesn't open, do we leave it? with more than 630 million packages shipping this holiday
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>> if you're expecting mething, be looking, because people are outlooking ing looking to steal your packages. >> reporter: ups is rolling out a brand new feature called ups access point. >> you could sign up for access point at and your package could be left at a business in your local business. >> reporter: are all these going to the same house? >> yeah. i always put them right behind this pillar. >> reporter: if you miss scott, it doesn't mean you'll miss your package. >> that's cool. >> you've got to have a participating business in your area or a nice neighbor. coming up after the break, john chandler has your sports wrapup.
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there is one big new release in theaters this weekend, the holiday comedy krampus. it's a mixture of comedy and horror. with a very cool cast. ic also i can also recommend throw smaller movies. the beautiful drama the danish girl starring eddie redmayne as one of the world's first transgender women. the thriller room about a woman and her child head held captive in a back yard shed. now let's see what movies orphans orphan ur fans are buzzing about. so that's what's going on at the
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good morning, everybody. knicks versus nets at the garden. after this, everyone can quit talking about rivalries. he called this a nightmare. didn't think his team came ready to play and the knicks noticed. three from the top of the key. 20 seconds later carmelo anthony hit five triples, 12 on the night. they dropped 42 points on brooklyn in the first quart other. his 10th double double. 19 points, ten boards. a 10 8-91 win over brooklyn. on sunday jets and giants.
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tied with washington atop the nfc east. this carries playoff implications. >> it hasn't changed. it's the same message. we've got five weeks left. we've got to make the best of them. >> it's december in the national football league and both teams have opportunities. and because of that, it's a big game. there's no way around it. it's an important football game for both teams. >> critically important. on the ice, the rangers had the night off. islanders beat the blues. baseball. the free agent pitcher leaving l.a. for arizona and a six-year, $206 million deal. winter meetings start next week. the mets general manager has cancer. doctors discover what had they calll a very treatable form of cancer during a medical procedure three weeks ago.
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private, but doctors are optimistic about a full recovery. he will start chemotherapy this week. he will continue his gm duties and we wish him a speedy recovery. in the big ten it's iowa and michigan state. clemson and north carolina. teams looking to secure their spots for the college football playoff. have a great rest of your saturday, everybody. and next at 6:30 on "today in new york" a southern california ups facility evacuated overnight. the suspicious package that sparked concerns and how it was connected to the suspected san bernardino shooters. plus, who is preventing new jersey state police from helping protect the ferries that take commuters across the hudson? >> the radar is clear, the sun is coming up and the temperatures are coming up too.
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i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose
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. all aglitter in the back yard there. it looks like the holidays. welcome back to "today in new york" on this saturday morning. >> can christmas on the calendar feels like easter in the air. dave price is in for raphael miranda this morning. dave, heading up into the 50s. >> i don't hear a lot of people complaining, let's just put it that way. but you're right. above normal temperatures today. well above normal before we wrap up this week. 41 right now. just coming up to the 6:30 hour. we are dry and the sky looks just terrific. look at that corridor of terrific weather, beautiful
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us as the sun comes up in just a little while. 52 degrees should be today's high. normally we're about 47 or 48 degrees around the region. perfect weather for shopping although retailers would like it to be colder so people buy winter merchandise. 37 degrees, you'll get to wear some of that winter merchandise tonight if you have it in the closet. we'll have a full forecast for you in a little while. now to the latest on the mass shooting in san bernardino. a southern california ups facility was evacuated overnight after a suspicious package addressed to the suspected shooters was scoff discovered inside one of those trucks. it turned out to be a clothing from a, quote, reputable vender. all of this as we get our
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the deadly rampage. the fbi says tashfeen malik, a housewife and mother, pledged her allegiance to isis. >> reporter: this is the first time we are seeing tashfeen malik, mother, wife, suspected terrorist. after spending the past two days focusing mostly on her husband, law enforcement did an about turn after learning she had posted an oath of allegiance to facebook during wednesday's attack. >> if you met her, she was like the girl next door, the sweet, innocent kind, the kind that's always smiling, nice to you. you would never ever guess that girl would have ties to isis. >> reporter: the fbi officially declared this a terror investigation, but said it does not believe the couple had any direct ties to isis or any other terrorist network. >> so far we have no indication these killers are part of an organized larger group or part
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>> reporter: the media was allowed into the couple's home by the landlord. media had no access to the garage which had been converted into a bomb making lab. the community continues to mourn the people who lost their lives in the senseless tragedy. and there is more security than ever at hudson river crossings in new jersey in light of recent terrorist activity around the world. but news 4 has found the one place that state troopers can't go. it's on ferries crossing the river. >> reporter: a show of force. more than 100 heavily armed new jersey state troopers patrolling ferry terminals as well as train stations at least into the new year. and passengers, they're noticing. >> it did make me feel safe,
6:29 am
>> reporter: but when passengers board these ferries, they do it alone. troopers can only go onto the dock. you won't find them on the ride over to new york because governor cuomo has yet to sign an executive order giving them jurisdiction there. >> it's very important they be protected in terms of liability and have the power to take action if they do see something wrong. >> reporter: ask these passengers and we could find no one against putting troopers on board. >> i think it makes you feel safer. >> reporter: understood like to see them riding the ferries? >> yes. >> i think it's very important. they should reconsider. >> reporter: does it surprise you to hear there's a jurisdictional issue? >> it does. >> reporter: in the past new jersey did have permission to put troopers on boats and trains to new york. >> the hudson river is a boundary against the threat of occurring in new jersey is
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that's a notion that's totally lost on groups like isis and al qaeda. this morning belgium and french police are hunting two new suspects in the paris attacks. police say the men are believed to be islamist militants traveling europe with fake ids. authorities say the two men traveled with abdeslam to turkey. russia is showing off new video of air strikes against isis. russia's defense ministry says fighter jets have hit more than 1500 terrorist targets in the past week. the aerial footage shows explosions hitting marked targets and plumes of smoke rising in the air. chicago officials have
6:31 am
shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. the video was taken the night officer jason van dyke shot laquan mcdonald 16 times. there's at least one chicago police officer there viewing the restaurant's footage. the restaurant's manager has accused police of erasing 86 minutes of the video including the actual shooting. chicago police deny the allegations. trump's latest campaign rally was repeatedly interrupted by protesters. >> he's wasting our time. look at all the people coming in. take him out, please. >> protesters stopped trump's speech ten times last night. no word of any arrests. happening today, the subway clocks that tell us when the
6:32 am
will be unavailable for most of the day. the mpa is taking the count down clocks offline for testing. the outage will last until 6:00 tonight. you've got to do things the old fashioned way, right? peek from a safe distance. at a time when there is so much bad in the world, it is important to take stock of the good. simple acts of kindness that restore humanity in people. >> our next story involves a lost envelope full of cash intended for a newly married couple and the stranger who found it. >> reporter: it all started six weeks ago with a drive near cherry town to avoid traffic near the tappan zee bridge. >> i just happened to look out my window. i see an envelope on the floor with the name. i jumped out of the car.
6:33 am
>> reporter: turns out there was $200s cash in there. he didn't know the couple but he was determined to get their wedding gift back to them. >> i like to think that what's not mine is not mine. >> reporter: peter did some detect work and found the couple through their online registry and on facebook. he reached out to theresa and after sending a bunch of messages he got through. this week he got the money back to her. >> there was eight messages from this guy who i didn't know who he was trying to get in touch with me. >> reporter: turns out wedding guest brian mead is the one who lost the card. >> i was sad. i was wracking my brain to figure out where i lost it. >> reporter: theresa offered a reward but peter said no. he said he wanted to set an example for his children. >> my dad taught me to do good and you'll always get good. i'm trying to pass it on and
6:34 am
>> a lesson for all of us. >> there you go. >> thank you, peter for sharing that. coming up on this saturday morning, sparks fly in palm springs. a dramatic emergency landing that could have been a whole lot worse. and dave price returns with a check of the forecast.
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a small plane made a dramatic landing at the airport in palmsprings, california. the plane was forced to touch down without its landing gear. instead made a belly landing. skidding down the runway, sparks flying. crews hosing it down as it came in. and everybody walked away unharmed. in germany officials are dealing with a major transportation headache. a freighter crashed into one of that country's largest railway
6:37 am
it's damaged beyond repair. passengers traveling that route from germany to the netherlands will have to take a detour by bus. >> bridges don't go up real fast. >> no, they don't. oh boy, is that tappan zee going to be nice when it's done, huh? >> yes, sir. >> . >> folks, it is going to be gorgeous out there. the tappan zee bridge, as gus was just mentioning we are in the process of rebuilding or actually building a new span. and that's what you're looking at on the right side of your picture. it is going to be a while, though. 41 degrees at 6:41. fair skies outside. beautiful start the day, absolutely gorgeous. that's how we're going to describe what we're about to head into for the next 48 hours or more. sunshine and temps warmer than
6:38 am
we could see some rain next week. still a lit of a question mark as to how much and where that lane rain will fall. 22 in the pine barrens. 27 in morristown. there are some chilly temps out there. live radar picture, clear conditions. it is going to be absolutely beautiful today. nothing but sunshine for us. mild air, temperatures in the 50s. temperatures are going to be very pleasant not only today but tomorrow and into the workweek as well. let's put it in motion now. you can see a little bit of a breeze rolls in next week. coastal system begins to work its way up. most likely because of the change in the pattern we are looking at the possibility more likely of this rain staying to the south or indeed heading to the east and not affecting us at all.
6:39 am
for today, 52 degrees, mostly sunny skies, just lovely out there. get out and enjoy it. tonight we'll get down to 37, mostly clear. chilly in the suburbs. 30s or close to 30 i should say in many of the locations outside the immediate metropolitan area. sunday night, the first night of hanukkah, 56 degrees. monday it should be 54 as we celebrate the first full day. 50 on tuesday. we'll look at that rain potentially rolling on in. and wednesday 48 degrees. still at or above the normal temperature for the next seven days or so. that is a quick look at your weather picture. you can stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, the interactive radar and how you can submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app for
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i'm going to go get some tea, a little bit of honey. andly see ly i will see you in a couple of minutes. come a bit later in our pet profile, how to keep your furry friends safe in this holiday season. plus some adorable animals looking for a home today, including a dog that nancy says is one of the most mellow we've
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nearly 200 new york city public schools now teach children in two languages at once. these days the goals are a bit different. >> a lot of schools, especially the private ones, aim to make sure that children who are already english dominant speak more than one language. >> this is a public affairs presentation for news 4 new
6:42 am
visiones. >> some educators argue it's the path to success. here to explain is kelly grant, the director of a dual language school on the upper west side. describe a typical day for a child. >> it's like going to preschool in spanish. you do all the fun things you would do in preschool, you play with your friends. you do dress-up, books, all in spanish. >> there are just under 200 dual language programs of some kind in new york city schools. why do you think you're seeing more of these kinds of schools? >> because people are starting to understand the value of being bilingual. we are surrounded by english, which is why our program is mostly spanish. when the children are older we do 10% english. >> tell us what the difference
6:43 am
consider bilingual education. tell us how this is different. >> this is different because we're finally honoring bilingualism in two languages. first it was more of a transitional approach. children who didn't speak english at home, we were trying to catch them up, so to speak. now we're thinking about it differently. being bilingual is a huge asset. why would you squander that gift. cognitive benefits as well. beyond the obvious benefits of being ilinguals can multitask better, they can concentrate better. >> people who are spanish dominant and are trying to teach their kids english or not? >> they're both. many of our families are spanish dominant. some have one parent who speaks spanish. some don't speak any spanish and
6:44 am
>> are there any disadvantages? >> even if it's a delay, at the end of it, you're bilingual. >> and what schools do your kids graduate to? >> many different schools. they go to many private schools, gifted programs, just general education programs and also dual language programs. >> it is a private school but you say for families who might be interested -- >> absolutely apply. and financial aid is available. >> wonderful. what's the website? >> again, interesting new model, dual language program. thank you so much. >> thank you, linda. >> this is a public affairs
6:45 am
we're closing in on 7:00.
6:46 am
>> coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," all the latest developments on that attack in san bernardino. what we're learning about the female shooter, her pledge to isis, even a new scare overnight. >> >> plus new safety concerns about one of the hottest gift this is holiday season, hover boards. >> guys, with all due respect, i think you're forgetting a certain meteorologist superstar that will be joining you this morning. is he over there? all right. we'll see. >> there he is. >> he's in the orange room. network lights. man.
6:47 am
we'll seedyou in late, guys. it's time for this morning's pet profile. we're talking about how to keep your pets safe during the holiday season. good morning. a lot of new stuff goes up in the house when the holidays are here, the trees and deck orations decorations. >> that's right. you really have to watch the string, the ribbons, the little toys, little afternoonment ornaments. all of those if your cat or dog eats them, can get lodged in ed d ed d in their stomach and make them sick. >> beautiful dog. and the tree, because you've spent all of this time training a puppy to do their business outside. now you bring a little bit of outside inside. >> you take them out a lot and keep an eye on them when they're
6:48 am
you also have to watch the water that the tree is in. it can have a lot of bacteria in it and fertilizer. it can make them very sick. chocolate, the sweets, very bad for the dog. >> david's wrestling the cat. >> this cat is really a sweetheart. just kind of scares at the studios here. it's a three-year-old named marley. a beautiful cat who is just a little bit caught up right now. outside of this moment, a very affectionate, beautiful cat that's available today in the bronx. at petco in the bronx today. >> and this puppy right here, furry valium. it's one of the most mellow animals you've ever brought in.
6:49 am
i was brushing his facial hair today and he learn ned into it just loving it. three years old. available today at an adoption event at midtown east. >> one of the most important things is a temperament. get out of your head the color of a dog and the breed of a d and think about what works for your personality. a dog like this -- >> a lap dog. just a great cuddler. really this dog would fit any environment. this dog is valium. >> i feel better already. and the cats terrific too. just a little bit of energy. >> that's right. >> the cameras wake us all up. appreciate it. you can find more information
6:50 am
care centers website back in a moment. this is "today in new york." (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? got some good news here. rescue crews have freed a seal that was stuck. >> they had to drain the lock and then they used nets to lift the animal out of the water. the seal made it through two other locks before it got stuck in the third. vets are going to give him a full checkup and tag him with a gps device and release him off long island. and hope that mary lee is nowhere in sight. >> mary lee the shark. if you're heading out to do shopping or whatever, this weekend looks stellar. >> it is going to be gorgeous. it's going to be just terrific.
6:53 am
hanukkah, tomorrow night when we light the menorah, daytime temps are going to be 56 degrees in the city, close to 60 in some locations. again that's a full ten degrees or so above where we should be this time of year. we do need the rain. hopefully we'll get some as we head into tuesday. then we're watching another dose thursday into friday. we'll keep an eye on it for you. warm temperatures and a great weekend. >> thank you, dave. happy hanukkah. coming up at 9:00 on "today in new york" we are talking christmas trees. >> actually we're coming back at 8:30. are we not? >> yes. >> produce pete taking us to new jersey. you're going to see some beautiful pictures of vintage pete and he's going to give you some tips on how to pick out
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>> the rockefeller center
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